SCM 20.5 migrated the old cert type to a cert profile - affected product type in CA templates for Venafi

The Sectigo SCM 20.5 upgrade migrated the old certificate type to a "certificate profile" but kept the cert ID the same, this caused an issue where some customers were unable to request Certificates from Venafi.

Error: Product type verification failed
Sectigo tested with Venafi support using the old and the new template and advised us to change the product type to something else and hit save.

  • Then change the product type back to Instant SSL and hit Save and Validate.
  • After this, the old template started to work

-Venafi could be storing the certificate type in the database which might be caching the old cert type. Venafi support is aware of the issue.

  • After changing the product type to something else and then changing it back to the original one pulled the new certificate profile from Sectigo.

Steps to fix this issue:

  • Login to Venfai.
  • Go to CA Templates.
  • Edit the CA template which is experiencing the issue.
  • Go to Product Type section
  • Change the cert type to some other cert type from the list, Click Save and then Validate.
  • Once validated, change the product type back to the original cert type, click save and then validate.
  • This should now be resolved..

More Info:
Feature / Enhancement Reference Number Comment Certificate types have been renamed to certificate profiles. Existing certificate types and customizations are automatically converted to certificate profiles. Certificate profiles allow for additional customization plus explicit control of delegation to organizations/departments. Multiple certificate profiles can be created for a single certificate template allowing for greater flexibility. Certificate profiles are shown in a combined view with support for filters and grouping.

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