SCM: DCV for wildcard/subdomain showing not validated/expired

When Sectigo validates the main domain, wildcard and subdomains should validate automatically. Due due to a sync issue with the back end, only the main domain will show as validated.


  • The Issue will appear only if the domain was added at the same time as the wildcard and the subdomain.
  • If the DCV expired on the main domain, the wildcard and the subdomain since we only DCV the main domain.
  • Then DCV the main domain, the wildcard/subdomains, will still show not validated, or expired.


  • When adding or delegating a domain, you must add the wildcard and any subdomain after the main domain is validated.
  • If the DCV on the main domain has expired and it gets validated, Sectigo will have to delete the expired wildcard and any subdomain.
  • Sectigo will then add and delegate them (again)
  • Once complete. they will show as validated.

note: this will not prevent you from requesting a certificate for a wildcard/subdomain, as long the main domain is validated.

For assistance please contact Sectigo Technical Support ​​​​​​​.