Sectigo IoT Manager Administrator's Guide

December 17, 2019 in IoT Manager Admin Guide

This guide explains how to use Sectigo IoT Manager to administer EcoSystems and Organizations with regards to enrollment and decryption of security certificate batches.

This guide is intended for administrators working with Sectigo IoT Manager. This document assumes that you are familiar with concepts related to security certificates issuance and management. This document also assumes that the audience is familiar with IoT devices and its functions.

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Sectigo IoT Manager (hereafter referred to as IoT Manager) provides trusted, mutual-authentication solutions for all types of IoT devices and networks. Using X.509 PKI certificates and custom hybrid TLS/SSL certificates, this issuance system allows you to enroll, download, and decrypt certificate batches.

You can administer IoT Manager at the EcoSystem level and Organization level, based on the following definitions:

  • An EcoSystem is a consortium of Organizations that establish and follow the same set of rules, guidance, and policies that are applied to the entire community when issuing and supporting certificates. As an EcoSystem administrator, your responsibility is to establish Organization administrators and configure Organizations.

  • An Organization is a member of an EcoSystem that consumes the services and participates in the EcoSystem; Organizations are members that are approved and supported by the EcoSystem. As an Organization administrator, your responsibility is to create other Organization administrators and request certificate batches and other supported services.

This document describes the following topics:

  • Logging into Sectigo IoT Manager

  • IoT Manager for EcoSystem administrators

  • IoT Manager for organization administrators