Sectigo Server Security Server (S3) Administrator’s Guide

Sectigo Server Security Server (S3) allows you, as an administrator, to manage purchase, installation, and lifecycle of SSL certificates on IIS and Apache web servers. You can also run scans to discover and import all existing certificates in your network and use the SSL checker tool to identify whether or not a certificate is correctly configured.

The following is a summary of S3 key features contained in the PDF attached:

  • Automatic installation of new certificates on IIS and Apache web servers.
  • Purchase of new certificates using in-app ordering.
  • Creation and submission of certificate signing requests (CSRs).
  • The SSL discovery tool for creation of an inventory of all certificates on your network.
  • The SSL checker for diagnosing certificate installation problems.
  • Alerts when a certificate is close to its expiry date.
  • Domain Control Validation (DCV) via the user interface (UI).
  • Offline mode for managing certificates without installing an agent.
  • Dashboard charts of the certificate inventory.
  • If you have an Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (EPKI) Manager, you can use your account funds to purchase certificates via S3.