Using Sectigo ACME Service for InCommon

Within the "Using the Sectigo ACME Service" section of the InCommon SCM Admin guide, you will find helpful detail describing Sectigo's ACME service as well as provides information on the supported ACME clients.

The section focuses on:

  1. Sectigo ACME Service Overview
    The Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol is designed to automate interactions between web servers and CAs with the goal of providing automation for certificate installation, renewal, and domain validation. For more information, see

  2. ACME Clients Overview
    ACME clients communicate with Sectigo ACME servers to request and manage certificates.
    Sectigo currently supports the Certbot client.

  3. How to Use Certbot
    Certbot enables enrollment, installation, and management of SSL certificates.
    For information on the Certbot installation, navigate to and generate a list of instructions by selecting your server software and operating system.

Recommended section: "How to Configure ACME Accounts for Organizations and Departments"

SCM provides support for Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol that automates interactions between a CA and its customersʹ web servers. SCM offers means of creating ACME accounts which can then be used for SSL certificate enrollment and management, as described in “Using the Sectigo ACME Service” (Section 12) of the SCM Administrator's Guide.
To use this functionality, contact your Sectigo account manager.

For complete instructions navigate here to download / view a copy of the SCM Admin guide.