What do the different roles mean when inviting clients to view a website?

February 9, 2021 in Managing your Account

All websites have an "Owner" associated with them in CodeGuard. The Owner role represents the person who added the website to CodeGuard. They are also the person who has the most control over the website in the dashboard. They can perform the following functions on a website: edit, delete, request backups, restore, and change settings.

Owners can invite other people to view their websites in CodeGuard using the Client Access feature*. There are two possible roles that owners may assign to someone - Administrator or Client - when inviting someone to view their website.

Administrators have the same privileges as website owners, except for the ability to delete the website from CodeGuard. This role is best for inviting web designers or web developers to view a website.

The Client role can view the website and track backups in the dashboard, but a Client cannot edit or delete the website. Web designers and developers that use CodeGuard often give the Client role to their clients or customers so that the client can view their website in CodeGuard.

To find out what role you have for an individual website, you can navigate to the website's "Settings" page to view it. For a step-by-step view of the process, please see this article on how to add clients.

*Note: The Client Access feature is restricted to certain plans. View our plans and pricing page to find out what plans have access to this feature.