Configuring SSL for your Windows Azure Website :

May 25, 2018 in SSL Technical FAQs

How to Configure SSL for your Windows Azure Website ?

Once you have the exported .pfx file, you can use it to configure SSL for your Windows Azure website.

1. In a browser, open and log into the Windows Azure Management Portal.

2. On the web sites tab, under NAME, select your website.

3. On your website’s page, click CONFIGURE.

4. On the CONFIGURE tab, in the certificates section, under SUBJECT, click upload a certificate.

5. In the Upload a certificate window, under FILE, click BROWSE FOR FILE, and then, browse for and select the .pfx certificate file that you exported.

6. In the PASSWORD box, enter the same password that you created to export the .pfx file.

7. To upload the SSL Certificate, click the checkmark.

8. On the CONFIGURE tab, under ssl bindings, in the Choose a domain name drop-down list, select the domain name that you want to secure with SSL.

9. In the Choose a certificate drop-down list, select the SSL Certificate that you want to use to secure your website.

10. In the final drop-down list, select one of the following options:

IP SSL (Traditional Method) : IP based SSL associates the SSL Certificate with the domain name. It maps the dedicated public IP address of the server to the domain name. This option requires each domain name (, that is associated with your service to have its own dedicated IP address.

SNI SSL : SNI based SSL allows multiple domains to share one IP address. Each domain has its own SSL Certificate. Most modern browsers support SNI, but some older versions do not.

11. Click Save.

Your Microsoft Azure website is now successfully configured to accept secure connections.

To verify your Certificate is configured correctly, please check the web-site domain name on our SSL Analyzer tool :

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