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AVS Business Category and Australia Business Types

Business Entity:

  • Sole Trader or Partnership

Note: No face-to-face is needed since it is done by the registering agency. But a note must be entered in AVS that states the Registering agency performed Face-to-Face

Private Organization:

  • Company

  • Trust

  • Not-for-profits (NFP)

Government entity:

  • Local

  • Territory

  • State

  • Commonwealth


  • Co-Operative

  • Association

Registration QGIS

Australian Business Number is the legal company registration. The ABN Lookup is found here:

  • Entity name = legal name
  • Business name = DBA/Tradename
  • Trading name = DBA/Tradename Listing is to be discontinued October 2018 and moved to ASIC database

Note: Starting Nov 2018 ABN lookup will only list legal/entity name. DBA must be registered at ASIC

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the business name registry. It is not the registration QGIS. An organization must register the business name which is separate from the legal registration found in ABN.

ASIC lookup:

Note: ASIC is not used for Registration QGIS. Can be used for physical existence, operational existence and DBA/Tradename registration

If ASIC is used for DBA/tradename verification:

  • Business name is the DBA
  • Holder(s) Details is the legal entity name. The holder(s) details contains the ABN number and the holder type (entity type)

Note: The ASIC document must be uploaded into AVS as Other QGIS if a DBA/Tradename is on the certificate.


Dunn and Bradstreet manual search is not recommended. Use the AVS automated search for better results.

Very difficult and expensive for a business to be listed in Dunn and Bradstreet. Not recommended to instruct customer to update Dunn and Bradstreet database.