CSR Generation for Media Temple (GRID)

The following instructions will guide you through the CSR generation process on the Media Temple GRID system

  1. Log in to Media Temple and view your Account Center.

  2. Click Domains in the navigation bar and select the appropriate domain name.

  3. View your GRID Control Panel.

    Note: The list of configuration options can vary depending on if you selected the "primary domain" under your account.

  4. For securing the Primary Domain, scroll down to Add-Ons and select SSL Certificate.

  5. For securing alternative domains (meaning, not your Primary Domain), scroll domain to Alternative Domain Admin and select SSL Certificate.

  6. In the configuration page, scroll down to Certificate Signing Request and select Generate CSR.

  7. Fill out the Request Form and click Generate.

    Note: By default, Media Temple will automatically generate the corresponding private key and store it within your Account Center.

  8. Congratulations, you have created a CSR and it should appear on the same page.
  9. Copy all of the text including:


Log into your Sectigo account
Click on the Provide CSR on our website and paste the entire CSR into the blank text box and continue with completing the generation process.