How to install Sectigo EV Enhancer™ Version 1 (DISCONTINUED)

IMPORTANT: Version 1 of EV Enhancer™ has been discontinued. Please 'uninstall' it from your webpages and install Version 2 instead.

How do I 'uninstall' EV Enhancer™ Version 1?

Remove all instances of the following script from your webpages:

<SCRIPT type='text/jscript'>/*@cc_on @if(@_jscript_version>=5.7)new Image().src='' @end @*/</SCRIPT><NOSCRIPT><IMG src='' height='0' width='0' style='position:absolute'></NOSCRIPT>

What is EV Enhancer™:

The SectigoEV SSL and EV SGC SSL Certificates both come with EV Enhancer™, which ensures that the EV 'green bar', the certificate holder's organization name and 'Identified by Sectigo' are always displayed in Internet Explorer 7 (and above) on Windows™ XP (and above).

How does Version 1 work?

EV Enhancer™ Version 1 uses a few lines of JavaScript code plus a feature of Internet Explorer known as 'conditional compilation' to download a small, invisible image. This download prompts the Windows™ Automatic Root Update facility to import Sectigo's EV Root Certificate onto the visiting client system, thereby enabling that client to recognize the SSL Certificate's EV status.

Once a client system has a specific EV Root Certificate installed, that client will see the 'EV green bar' whenever they connect to any website that uses a valid EV SSL Certificate that chains up to that same EV Root Certificate.

Why is this necessary?

Without Sectigo's EV Root Certificate installed, some clients will not see the 'EV green bar' when they visit your website. For technical reasons, Internet Explorer 7 (and above) doesn't normally install EV Root Certificates automatically, so most CAs provide EV-enabling technologies similar to EV Enhancer™ in order to work around this limitation.

EV Enhancer™ enables the 'EV green bar' for Sectigo EV SSL and EV SGC SSL Certificates, but not for EV certificates issued by other CAs.

Why should I upgrade to Version 2?

Version 2 offers improved browser compatibility.