Domain Control Validation (DCV) using file-based validation policy change

The CA Browser (CA/B) Forum recently passed ballot SC45 regarding the use of file-based domain validation, also known as file auth, http token, http auth, or CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements methods 18 ( and 19 (

This ballot disallows file-based domain validation for wildcard certificates and requires, when file-based DCV is employed, that it must take place for each individual SAN/fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Sectigo will implement this policy change beginning November 22, 2021. Use of the file-based DCV method will be affected in the following ways: 

  • File based DCV will be disallowed for the validation of domains in wildcard certificates.
  • In non-wildcard certificates, domain validation will be required for every FQDN/SAN individually
  • These policy changes affect all public TLS/SSL certificates.

note: This change does not apply to Email-and DNS-based validation, which still are available for wildcard certificates and can be performed at the base domain level or another shared superior domain to validate subdomains and wildcard domains.

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