Sectigo Removes option to use WHOIS-based email addresses for DCV (Domain Control Validation)

As of Wednesday June 16, 2021, Sectigo is removing the option to use WHOIS-based email addresses for DCV when the WHOIS requires a human lookup of domain information (usually controlled by a CAPTCHA).

If you are currently requesting this method by creating a Support ticket, please note it was deprecated as of Wednesday June 16, 2021

This will NOT affect emails that can be found on WHOIS via automated lookups. These emails will be presented to you during the certificate request process or via the 'GetDCVEmailAddressList' API. The 'constructed' email addresses will still be available.

If the email address you need is not displayed or offered during the DCV process, you will need to use an alternative method of DCV , such as:

  • Using a 'constructed' email address - admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@,postmaster@, webmaster@
  • Using HTTP(s) or DNS based DCV

Alternative Method of DCV:
For more information or support, please contact our Support & Validation team here