Sectigo eIDAS Qualified Certificates User Guide

The EU Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 910/2014) sets out rules and guidelines for providing an adequate level of security for electronic identification and trust services. eIDAS establishes a common, secure, and legal framework for qualified trust services (QTS) and qualified trust service providers (QTSP) to enable strong interoperability of electronic transactions between businesses, citizens, and public authorities of the EU Member States.

Under the eIDAS regulation, QTSs include the following:

  1. electronic signatures (section 4 of eIDAS Regulation)
  2. electronic seals (section 5 of eIDAS Regulation)
  3. electronic time stamps (section 6 of eIDAS Regulation)
  4. electronic registered delivery services (section 7 of eIDAS Regulation)
  5. website authentication (section 8 of eIDAS Regulation)

A QTSP is a certified provider that can provide one or more QTSs.

As an eIDAS-certified QTSP, Sectigo offers eIDAS qualified certificates for electronic signatures and seals, website authentication, and time stamps. Sectigo ensures the integrity and legality of these certificates by enforcing a rigorous validation of the identity of each signatory, whether a natural or legal person. Sectigo eIDAS qualified certificates can be securely stored on eIDAS-compliant hardware devices like cryptographic USB tokens, smart cards, and hardware security modules (HSM), or cloud-based key vaults.

This guide is intended for individuals or organizations who require eIDAS qualified certificates from Sectigo for creating electronic signatures and seals, and website authentication.