Sectigo's Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate Explained.

Organization validated or OV certificates require more validation than Domain Validated (DV) certificates, but provide more trust. With an OV certificate, the issuing Certificate Authority confirms the business associated with the domain name is registered and legitimate by checking details such as the business name, location, address, and incorporation or registration information. This makes the OV certificate a more suitable option for public-facing websites that represent companies or organizations. OV's are usually used by corporations, governments and other entities that want to provide an extra layer of confidence to their visitors.

Organization Validated (or OV) SSL certificates:

  • Authenticate connections
  • Enable encryption
  • Turn on web browser trust indicators
  • Offers validation of the identity of the organization that controls the certificate.

What are the Organization Validation Requirements?

The requirements for an Organization Validation SSL certificate are the same regardless of which CA you go with.
These requirements are located within the CA/Browser Forum guidelines: sections 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 for individuals

  • Domain Ownership/Authentication
  • Organization Authentication
  • Locality Presence
  • Telephone Verification (Organization phone number found on an online database)
  • Final Verification Call

For legitimate organizations, this process goes smoothly and quickly. Remember, an OV certificate differentiate the legitimate businesses from the pretenders—including scammers and hackers.

Organization Validation Certificates